Aqovia Healthcare Data Hub

With citizens and people at its core, Aqovia’s healthcare data hub offers a new personalised engagement standard at an industrial scale that align people’s decisions and actions in ways that improves outcomes and adds value. can make this happen. Advanced analytical and computing techniques coupled with the explosion of data in healthcare organisations can help uncover leading clinical practices, reduce research discovery time and streamline administration. Our digital solutions can transform the entire healthcare value chain from research and healthcare operations through to care delivery and medical education.

Benefits of the service

Professionally orchestrate intermandated opportunities before user-centric e-commerce.

Turning voluminous data into smart data

Implementing Aqovia’s healthcare data hub in one area or though to its full capacity leads to unforeseen benefits and improvements across the entire value chain. Whatever your problem or area of focus is we are here to help.

Innovation in healthcare delivery

The combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics will empower physicians, scientist ad patient alike with the latest and more accurate clinical understanding in real time. New innovations are transforming how care and surgery are being delivered. Augmented reality, mobile applications provide the means for remote patient care and post surgery monitoring. Advances in technology allows for the development of resources that further improve surgical procedures. Our solution sources the right technologies taking your expertise and services to the next level.

Transforming behaviour from passive to active

Our aim is to get people and citizens to play a more proactive role in healthcare. Our solution provides a new way to foster patient engagement and care coordination that transforms disease management through wearables, networks, sensors and virtual reality. Aqovia cognitive engagement is designed to boost patient involvement in care and expands the types of alerts and interactivity offered online.

Streamline and standardise administration

Utilising additive artificial intelligence our solution transforms operations to optimise supply chains, utilise just-in-time manufacturing and increasingly automate workforces to maximise efficiency. We develop automated systems that seamlessly integrate into everyday work practices reduce operational costs, waiting times and improves staff efficiency. Overall hospital and/or clinic productivity is also improved. Productivity is improved with the implementation of smart robots that substitute labour required to transport materials and supplies. Workforce augmentation provides high definition, real time images of anatomy to enable fast and precise administration of everyday work practices such as blood tests and IV procedures.

Work with a global network of connected and collaborating scientists

Fostering the efficient sharing of information natural language understanding transforms the focus of research from discrete academic facilities to a global network of connected and collaborating scientists. Our healthcare data hub gathers information from holistic services therefore decision-making is based on evidence and data drive insights. You are able to accurately match patient with appropriate clinical trials.

Enable proactive, personalised and precise treatments

Implementing a digital solution that harnesses the power of technology will revolutionise precision medicine. You are able to resource a database of human genotypes, utilise sensors and 3D modelling for research and identifying the most appropriate and/or new treatment methods and implements procedures utilising nanotechnology for the precise delivery of drugs dosages. With our solution genomics and precision medicine will provide healthcare professionals with an expanded toolkit to interact directly with DNA and enable proactive management of risks and the delivery of more precise treatments.

Innovation in medical education and research

Virtual and augmented reality opens up new learning platforms at both tertiary and vocational stages. Medical training and knowledge transfer is enhanced and significantly improved by things like visual simulations, pop up labs and increased collaboration from medical professional at a global scale. Our solution includes a combination of classroom/in-house and virtual learning forums increasing learning access available to medical professionals at all stages of their career. Your can ensure skills and knowledge taught aligns with the actual requirements and demands of the workplace.

Effective prioritisation of healthcare decision and budget assignment

With our healthcare data hub you get an accurate view of the standard of heath and efficiency of healthcare in a state, region or country. Past, present and future information provided from data analysis supports prioritising decision making for healthcare spend aimed at delivering the best outcomes. Predictive analytics from healthcare, geographic and demographic trends can support the development of short and long-term strategies. For example, the easy identification of a specific location that has had a spike in curable disease, insufficient access to healthcare services and lack access to information.