Aqovia’s Fleet Management Solution

Monitoring delivery routes and driver behaviour, improving operations from the office sites through to drivers via automating and applications, reducing costs, our solution disrupts tradition operations and significantly improved business processes. Utilising the power of digital innovation we plan, develop and deliver an active fleet management solution. Big data, telematics, cloud based data and mobile applications piece together to provide you with one holistic solution that covers both financial and operational functions of fleet management.


Sensors and GPS monitioring driving of all company fleet, from trucks and delivery vehicles to company cars driven by sales team and management. This incudes driving routes, maintenance timelines, excessive acceleration, rest period compliance, ect. Data gathered is formated supporting business decision making, day-to-day activities and general fleet management.

Big Data

Fleet management organisations a privy to a wealth of data if utilised effectively leads to significant improvements in operations and reduces costs. Our digital solution includes data aggregation, artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics. User-friendly dashboards are created making this data easily accessible and usable. Whether you need to run a report, identify a driver who has been speeding or check in on fleet management, the information is always at hand.

Cloud based data

Big data and analytics help drive improved efficiency for fleet management. Cloud-based data systems will continue to falciliate the easy access of accounts, applications, and required information for any computor or mobile device. Additionaly this supports effective communication between drivers, fleet managers and other buisness depatements.

Mobile applications

Customised fleet driving applications that compliment your solution can be developmed and impemented to track and manage deliveries and order status, track mileage, driver health statistics, ect. Smartphone and tablet applications are a simple and easy way to integrate technology and automated processes into fleet management systems.

Turning voluminous data into smart data

Implementing Aqovia’s fleet management system in one area or though to its full capacity leads to unforeseen benefits and improvements across the entire value chain. Whatever your problem or area of focus is we are here to help.

By financial fleet management we refer to all monetary activities related vehicle management. Benefit from:

All vehicle data such as insurance, maintenance and fuel costs is automatically consolidated, recorded and stored in one easily accessible location.

Invoicing development and delivery process can be automated.

Management of upcoming payments and deadlines is streamlined with notification and alerts.

User-friendly dashboard allows for the automatic and immediate generation of accurate reports required for cost analysis.

Operational efficiency can be achieved in every area of fleet management leading to over all benefits of cost reduction and improved productivity.

Know where your fleet is at all times. Vehicle tracking digitally registers time, mileage and location of vehicles in real time. Vehicle history is ready available, identify optimal routes and closest fleet for last minute jobs.

Fleet optimisation is possible. Spot trends, benchmark performance and identify areas for improvement. Instant alerts are provided when order status changes or which vehicles are due for maintenance allowing you to plan ahead.

Improve and ensure safety by monitoring driver behaviour. Ensure compliance with safety procedures, virtually eliminate risky driving behaviour such as excessive acceleration and track accidents and road incidents.

The facilitation of easy information sharing between fleet managers, drivers and business departments supports the function and daily activities of the Fleet Manager and their team.