Healthcare organisations are privy to an inundation of rich data that is enabling them to be more efficient. The challenge faced is how to utlise this data to deliver results and improvements. Too often information is gathered and stored in multiple sources and is not easily accessible. This lead to all sorts of inefficiencies such as time-consuming administration processes, repeated research, lack of patient history, and the list goes on.

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Fleet Management

Lengthy and costly operations, lack of vision of driver behaviour and fleet whereabouts, requirements for green initiatives, legal compliance are all key challenges faced fleet management. Organisations risk loosing revenue due to high fuel costs, driving offences, excessive bills and unhappy client taking their business elsewhere. Fleet managers are tasked with the overwhelming responsibility to reduce costs, ensure driver safety, improve operational inefficiencies, and the list goes on. Technology is transforming the landscape of fleet management and as a result minimising risk, overcoming business challenges and reduced costs.

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Smart City

Challenges faced by governments and the pubic sector on a regular basis include national policy development, local economy sustainability, environmental sustainability, increasing operational efficiencies, healthcare, education, connecting with citizens, and the list goes on. The diversity of government interaction and responsibility is expansive and complex. Embracing and leveraging the power of technology and next generation enterprise intelligence solutions supports and helps resolve these issues. Advanced technologies promote efficacy, efficiency and enablement.

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Compliance View © for GDPR Compliance

If your oganisation stores and/or processes personal data of EU citizens then you need to ensure you are GDPR compliant to avoid losing up to €20 million or 4% of your organisation's global annual turnover. The road to GDPR Compliance is clear with Compliance View ©

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