A1 Autonomic Platform

Streamline and scale with the Aqovia A1 Autonomic Platform. Moving Telcos forward with Artificial Intelligence based operations.

We are part of the movement taking automation to the next level, by basing it in machine learning and creating a self-managing platform that lowers the time needed to be spent on complicated tasks.

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Why use an autonomic platform ?

Aqovia A1 - Autonomic Platform is applicable to various solutions and sectors, including Telco, Enterprise, Finance, Trade and Government.

In the case of IoT, we know that 5G networks will facilitate a wide array of business opportunities in the near future but with that potential, comes complexity and cost challenges, including:

  1. Increase in data volumes (doubling annually)
  2. Higher quality and lower cost expectations from users
  3. Need for speed and agility to deliver new data intensive servicess
  4. Increase to security and service offerings
  5. Growing ‘Always-on’ expectations from customers

Artificial Intelligence and Machine centric Operations (AiOps) can deliver massive operational cost reductions:

For every $1bn in mobile Telco operator revenue

  • $90 million in Support and Assurance cost savings
  • $60 million in Provisioning and Fulfilment cost savings
  • $17 million in Billing cost and Loss mitigation savings

How it works

Our Autonomous Platform is a cloud tool, which plugs in to your company’s entire telemetry data streams and expands the grid through self-configuration, self-optimization and self-healing functions.

In essence, this means that the computing system would control the functioning of computer applications and systems, and fixes itself - all without any input needed from the user.

Our Autonomic Platform builds upon and brings together two important trends in IT:

  1. Software-defined everything’s climb up the tech stack
  2. The overhaul of IT operating and delivery models under the DevOps movement

The architecture behind it

Data ingestion

We ingest almost any data from any source and provide an advanced alarming strategy.

This alarming strategy will automate the resolving of resolved issues. Actionable alarms will only be passed on from the most impactful metrics, which actually represent a problem (not noise).

Machine Learning engines

Machine Learning is a branch of AI, based on the idea that systems learn from data.

Using numerous Machine learning engines, we cross-correlate infrastructure’s behavior and create a baseline of normal behavior. If an application or infrastructure is out of the norm, the monitoring tools applies the fix and notifies you.

What value does it provide to network operators ?

We want to provide the most innovative, productive and valuable platform, so that you are able to focus on core business activities. Through our platform you will benefit from:

  1. Enables lower costs and higher margins for competitor and market advantage
  2. Delivers a holistic customer and service focus
  3. Manages higher magnitudes of scale with minimal change in cost
  4. New data intensive service offerings

A1 Platform Case Study

  • Green Energy Incident Management and Predictive Maintenance

    Use Aqovia A1 Autonomic Platform artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to manage your green energy generation assets.

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