Diversifying your renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydro, etc.) can lead to a mixed portfolio of assets. This is further impacted by:

  • Your plants are delivered by different EPC vendors, introducing different procedures and processes
  • Different hardware with different settings procured by numerous suppliers
  • Varying warranty and maintenance terms and conditions
  • Varying asset lifespan, engineering skills and parts

Your operating model requires significant adjustments to cope with these variations. Adjustments which are often costly and time consuming.


Aqovia A1 Energy Asset management Platform - Intelligent optimisation of your asset portfolio

Ensure you are getting the best insights and actions from your data, allowing you to address your most urgent BI questions with Aqovia’s A1 Energy Asset Management Platform. It enables you to centralise key information from your distributed asset portfolio, helping you:

  • Understand the performance of your assets at various levels of granularity
  • Allow for tighter management of vendor & supplier contractual obligations
  • Streamline maintenance to performance, and
  • Engineer call out planning and alignment to parts stock management.

Energy Management Dashboard



We use our ISO 55000-compliant scorecard to assess your Energy Asset Management capabilities. We look at the People, Process, Information and Technology dimensions and score your:

  • Financial management
  • Technical asset management
  • Operations procedures
  • Maintenance procedures