Aqovia Microservices ensure high product quality, greater customer satisfaction and a faster return of investment

Aqovia have been practicing and implementing bespoke Microservices solutions to clients for over 5 years. Our technical experts in microservice architecture can work with you to create a solution that will provide great value, scale your application and grow your business.

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Why use microservices?

Applications are growing at a rapid pace, as is the number of different devices that back-end data must be available for. Through implementing Microservices in your business, you will experience:

  • Freedom of technology Enables lower costs and higher margins for competitor and market advantage.
  • Easy to change Separate services can be developed quickly.
  • Easier to scale Traditional monoliths approach require having to scale the whole application. Microservice approach means each individual service can be scaled separately.
  • Less downtime When an application fails, other applications around it are unaffected.

How it works

Microservices is a software development technique that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services. It moves away from the traditional Monolithic architecture, which are expensive to change and difficult to scale, and brings together a number of smaller services to create simple and adaptive software solutions.

Evolution of architecture

Our autonomous platform is a Cloud tool which plugs in to your company's entire telemetry data streams and expands the grid through self-configuration, self-optimization and self-healing functions.

Pre-SOA (monolithic) Tight coupling
Traditional SOA Looser coupling
Microservices Decoupled

Microservices approach vs traditional approach

Microservices approach

A microservice approach segregates functionality into small autonomous services.

And scales out by deploying independently and replicating these services across servers/VMs/containers.

Traditional approach

A traditional application (Web app or larger service) usually has most of its functionality within a single process (often internally layered)

And scales by cloning the whole app on multiple servers/VMs/containers.

By adopting Microservices for your business, you will benefit from

  1. Accelerated turnaround
  2. Improve fault isolation & resolution
  3. Enable on-demand flexibility & scalability
  4. Make change less expensive
  5. Unleash innovation

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