Company overview

Aqovia is a leading international digital transformation specialist. Combining elite and cutting edge technologies, Aqovia provide sophisticated bespoke digital transformation solutions to the public and private sectors. We partner with our clients to provide an end-to-end transformation service from value driven digital consultancy through to solution planning, development and implementation.

Our Story

Founded in 2008 as a joint venture between Cable and Wireless, Aqovia was established to provide rapid software delivery as a service to UK enterprise clients. Since its establishment, Aqovia has evolved into a leading digital transformation specialist. Our clients range from small to medium organisations through the multi-billion dollar brands as well as government departments and our projects span across the UK, Europe and Asia.

Digital technology is continuously evolving. We provide confidence by ensuring we remain at the forefront of technology. Our role is to be our client’s go-to expert providing the best advice and developing the right digital solution that best meets their business goals and direction. Hence, our focus is always on providing a solution that guarantees long term value for their business.

Our Team

Our team are experts in digital innovation and emerging technologies. To name a few we are skilled in software development, artificial intelligence, microservices, cloud storage, smart contracts and distributed ledger technology. Our team consists of business, system and data analysts, software developers, data scientists, user researchers, project and delivery managers and consultants. Due to our in-depth industry knowledge and digital expertise partnering with Aqovia guarantees you are implementing a solution that offers high rewards and is of low risk to your business and stakeholders.


Organic and new revenue growth


Reduced costs and wastage


Evidence based strategic decision making


Improved product and service offers


Process and operation optimisation